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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Operation Barn Wood

We're just in our little collecting phase right now.  Collecting sinks, chairs, lights, materials for various projects.  This past Saturday we currently were collected barnwood.  We plan to cover a couple of walls with it off of our kitchen.  Pretty exciting.  The history of the barnwood is pretty awesome too.  Mat's great grandpa owned the southern Utah farm and his son, Mat's Grandpa Roy, bought it from him just after the war.  This barnwood is over 70 years old.  The barn was falling down when it was clipped by a tractor last summer and it started to crumble.  We just happened to be in the market for barnwood, and Mat's uncles were gracious enough to give it to us. Thank you.

It was fun to be down on the farm in the fresh air.  The kids explored and quickly claimed their land as a castle.  Funny how we stake our claim and start planning out our imaginary life. It's human nature.

Sally the dog also just had 6 week old puppies.  They were a lot of fun to watch. They would wrestle and play in the straw, it was like watching a busy toddler. "Can we keep one?" came up many times and no was always enforced. This blue heeler and collie mix needs a lot of room to run I'm afraid.

Now we have a lovely pile of barnwood on our back porch, along with the kitchen table, buffet etc....

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Kelli said...

Man, you know how to create anticipation. I'm so excited to watch this remodel progress. You could get a job creating commercials for the next Bachelor episode...which has somehow, regrettably sucked me in for the first time. Their commercials leave you curious for more...just like your blog posts. :)

Don't tell anyone I watch the Bachelor. Oh boy.