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Sunday, February 23, 2014

38 Smackaroos!

Mat's birthday weekend celebration! Lindsay was so kind to take the kiddos so I could take Mat cross country skiing.  She is ----she is---there are no words for Lindsay.  She is absolutely phenomenal.  I want to be her.

We ventured up Millcreek Canyon.  It is 4 miles up hill and you turn around and it is 4 miles down hill.  The uphill was a fantastic workout, which I'm still sore from and it is 4 days later.  The downhill, not so much when it is icy.  The only way to stop is to carefully fall down when you feel your speed is getting out of control. You can imagine that was going really well for me.  We clipped off our skis and walked down. Oh! But the outdoors smelled wonderful.

Tuesday night (actual birthday) we celebrated with shakes. The man loves a good Reese's Peanut Butter shake.

I must say, Mat ages well. Hope he doesn't mind his wrinkled wife in a wheelchair when he's out mountain biking when he's eighty.  Maybe I could just get a sled/wheelchair and he can take me with him.  I'll wear a mask for the dust.

Picture down in St. George.

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