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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Asbestos Removal= Cray Cray

Well- it looks like a nuclear bomb went off in our house and hazmat has come to clean up the job.  It took one full day to prep the walls with double lined plastic on all floors, walls, and windows.Yep, it felt like we entered our 7th move. Every piece of everything had to be cleared.

 They have a special shower they rinse off in as they come and go. They also wear white suits and masks and sound like space aliens when they talk.  Many curious neighbors wondered what was going on at our house.

 Our cute little neighbor up the street even called the office to make sure it wasn't a staging for a robbery.  I assure you it was not robbers, but there happened to be some recent thieves in SLC that got away with doing just that---making it look like there was work getting done on the house and managed to load up their truck and steal everything.

We were fortunate enough to stay with Mat's parents just down the street.  They are so easy going and welcoming.  We stayed there about 3 nights watching the olympics and prepping our Valentines.  We could slip in and out of our back sliding door.  But, the heater was overworking, so much that you started sweating in a hurry.  It was so hot that my butter liquified.

And so it begins.  I'm happy something is beginning.  I thought we'd be torn into this mid January, so I'm excited to see something go.

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