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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The New Car, Queen Mum

Baby Doll was laid to rest, Saturday, August 18th, 2012.  She was buried at CarMax for a surprisingly good price.  They saw the beauty in her, I knew they would. May your organs go to serve other cars.

With that said, meet our new car, the Queen Mum.  She is England born and with the past Olympics in England, we  I found the name fitting. We adopted her with love at first sight after seeing her extreme technical skills on the LandRover Technical Course. After one test drive on the, Mat was giddy. Giddy might be an understatement. I think this sporty car will take us where we need to go.


She even comes with a winch, just in case I need to pull some 2nd grader out of the mud when I drop the kids off at school.

Funny story. I overheard Becket saying to his cousin Danny: "Our car can pull things out of can pull trees out of out of mud.  It can EVEN pull MUD out of Mud."Love how modest kids can be when you get something new, but I thought the mud out of mud was quite humorous.

In the meantime, I'm enjoying the quiet engine, the reliability of it starting, the doodads/gadgets and the trusty reversing screen.  I don't love that there isn't as much compartment storage as Baby Doll and that I have a panic attack whenever the kids eat in the car, it's so clean and smells nice, unlike our past love. I'm sure that will wear off in a month, but so far I have washed it twice which is more than I did for Baby Doll.

Our recent drive to Colorado wasn't too bad when you've got the Queen Mum's owners manual to brush up on.


Dogs ride nicely too!


Micah was thrilled to be able to roll down her window and we are on the umpteenth time for giggles from the backseat when she plays with her window.

If you want to--watch this video that my mom sent me. She was obviously inspired because she doesn't even know we named our car the Queen Mum and here she is sending me a video about her. The Fwd text from the email: This is an absolutely amazing piece of art work . . . to see the transition from child to now is fascinating . . . I could see images of her ‘ancestry’ . . . Queen Mary, her grandmother, and Queen Elizabeth, The late Queen Mother . . . there was also a glimour of Princess Margaret, her sister in there . . . worth the watch!


shelob said...

This car is HUGE!! Wow! Now one of your kids can take harp lessons. . .

jweed said...

did you guys drive up the hill in the picture? looks like you could! i'm sad that there is no use for your club foot anymore.