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Friday, September 21, 2012

Not the Fame I was Going For

So, if you want a good laugh for the day, watch this video. It's always fun to look like a dork on camera isn't it? Who wouldn't want to be the model getting her eye patched? It's so attractive, yet some of my best work! You can watch this and other videos on ehow.
Little Background info: eHow asked Mat for his ophthalmic expertise to answer some questions that their viewers kept wanting to know. They came up to his Salt Lake City office to film him. They didn't have a model so the default unfortunately goes to me. Whee! Mother of three, running errands all day who needed to wash her hair. Sorry all you internet video watchers looking for a professional. I'm not a professional and it shows. I was just trying to keep from not laughing.

How to Apply an Eye Patch -- powered by ehow

or this one


McArthur Family said...

I love it =)

Emily S. said...

Mat is so serious! You both look great (and professional) :-)