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Saturday, September 8, 2012


Mat's trip to Haiti.  Pictures speak louder than words. Warning: Graphic Photos

Medical Student who assisted him

Dr. James Kim a Korean ophthalmologist and missionary who helped me with the hardest orbitotomy of my life.

Petion statue in Port-au-Prince. Hoping to get underway with surgery tomorrow.

Dr. Call


The community

Waiting for clean water. Port-au-Prince.






Tumor growing behind this young girl's eye


Anthrax was thrown on this beautiful girl's face


After Mat patched her up


Young boy with pervasive facial tumor - Port-au-Prince




Woman pleading with God to help her son


After surgery


Unfortunately they did not have enough time to help everyone and when word gets out that there is free healthcare, people show up by the truck loads in hours.  With two surgeons, Mat and Dr. Call were able to help twice the people, but unfortunately they had to turn many away. Haiti isn't the best nor safest place to visit, but there is a need.


jweed said...

such a different world. so sad and so great that mat was able to travel there (and return safely)! thanks for the pictures. makes you grateful for your health.

Rachel said...

Wow, incredible pictures. That is great he was able to go down and help.

shelob said...

Amazing. Sad, but way to go doing something so important for as many people as he had time and energy to reach.