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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Oh The Timing! Embarrassing.

So, I hadn't showered for two days because, by golly, I was going to get a run in and color my hair before I showered. Selfish, I know.  I really wasn't smelling too good after my run, but I was onto coloring my hair.  I use foil, so it looks really strange when I get my hair all painted.  It ends up looking like this:


I guess I should have mentioned how tired I was, but you probably could have already guessed it from the photo.

I'm having a gay old time, watching the beginning of my Parenthood episodes and painting when all of a sudden my phone rings and the ID is Canyon View Elementary.

This could mean one of three things
1) The district is sending out a massive announcement (good)
2)  A teacher is calling to tell me something (not good)
3) Someone missed the bus and I would need to go in (really not good)

Hopeful, I was guessing the first, but after detecting the sobs in the background of the phone, one of my children had missed the bus. 
Secretary: "Uh. Hi. Mrs. Harris? I have Gretchen here and she missed the bus.  She is rather upset. Are you able to come get her?"

Thinking, thinking, thinking.  Am I able to come get her? No.

Me: "Uh. Well, yes and no. Yes, I will come get her, but no, I'm not going into your building. (Thus I begin my explaining) Funny story secretary, (give a little chuckle) I'm coloring my hair and I have foil in my hair and I'm looking sorta like an astronaut at this point. May I call you when I'm close, and you can just send her out?"

Secretary smiling: "Yes, I'll do that Mrs. Harris."

I wait for the other kids to get home hiding on the side of my house as to not embarrass myself.  

Micah is hysterical coming off the bus because she watched through the window of the bus her sister being left behind.  What should of happened --Micah is supposed to wait for Gretchen.  Teacher is to only send her with Gretchen.  Gretchen will only get on the bus if Micah is with her. What ruins the plan is when none of the above is followed and Micah gets on the bus with her best friend's sister and Gretchen is left empty and frantic searching for her little sister.  It's a nightmare to an organized, rule follower, 2nd grader.  It's a nightmare to me too. To anyone.

We head to the school. looking like this:


I send Becket in to get Gretchen which takes the dear boy a whole ten minutes to decide how to open the office door after hours.  I am than forced to wave to the dear parents passing by as I inch up my head above the visor and out of sight.

Ahhhh. Let's not do that again.

Once Gretchen heard it wasn't her fault, she lit into Micah, letting her know the proper protocol for after school.


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