The Stream

Saturday, February 11, 2012

X Country Skiing Action

X-country skiing

It was a little icy, but Mat and I were desperate in this drought of snow. We pretty much crashed and burned the whole way down because neither of us could stop on the sheet of slickness. It was still beautiful and birds were chirping. Serenity.

Mat x-country skiing

Mic x-country skiing

We need some X Country skiing buddies. Please come join us.


shelob said...

Not when it's icy and there are only two inches on the trails . . .

Maybe someday Iowa will get some snow and you can come cross country ski here.

jweed said...

all we needed was an invitation. we've been jonesing for some x-country skiing as well. but without snow and with a young babe, it has not happened. grrr. glad you guys got out to enjoy the ice. :)