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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Worse than dreaming you were naked in front of a crowd

So, you know those mom moments where you forget that you were supposed to be somewhere at a certain time and totally spaced it? Happened last Tuesday. Picked up Becket from scouts and needed to get some produce.  Shopping, shopping, shopping along when I get a phone call from Becket's teacher Ms. Yawn, "Are you coming?"
Me, " Uh, coming where?" as I'm frantically picking through my file in my head trying to find some clue where she would have me be.
Ms. Yawn, "It's the story telling competition tonight for district and Becket was to represent us."
Me, "Right! On my way."
Ms. Yawn: "He's up after three people."
Me, "Stall if you can."

Check out, rush my kids to the car and I head onto State Street which is packed with traffic.

Ms. Yawn calls in a whisper, "Where are you Becket is up!"
Me: "Stuck in traffic! I'm so sorry and so embarrassed.  I have food in my car for all of you if you can just wait!" I don't know what I was thinking with offering them my carrot sticks and bananas, but I new that my little guy would be terribly upset if he didn't get to participate in the contest.

At this point on the road, your mental anxiety goes through sunroof. You're yelling at the stop lights, taking deep breaths, throwing the kids raspberries to keep them from peeping, you're praying, yelling at your kids to pray, pep talking yourself and then finally you peel off to a side street just short of Dukes of Hazard style to find a faster route.  I sped through those back neighborhoods like nobody should be doing,  flying over the speed bump my weak night vision failed to see mind you, waking up Micah who is now crying only to find myself in the district parking lot. Whew! We run in frantically listening to our Jedi powers to find the room that the competition is in and fling open the doors.  There before us were 25 parents and their small crying children, the judges, and the teachers staring at us.  I tell myself, no need to make eye contact with any of them."  They hand Becket the microphone, he jumps right into character and delivers.  I whip out my phone and start filming and still trying to avoid eye contact.  After it was over, I profusely apologized to Ms. Yawn and the judges and still avoided the parents. She was very understanding.

He didn't move on---but we made it, he shared it, and didn't shed it and I want to forget this ever happened. It's worse than dreaming that you were naked in front of a crowd.



shelob said...

But you made it, and you got to hone your stunt driving skills. Bonus!

Kelli said...

So lame! I HATE that feeling!!