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Tuesday, February 14, 2012


I needed to be to school a tad early to prepare for valentines day in the classrooms that I ran out of time to do Micah's hair. I saw these heart twist so I found the tutorial and gave it to Mat saying , "here watch this, and see if you can do this. (smile) I have to run to the school." He wouldn't want me sharing this because he might be classified as a hairdresser, but I felt they were too cute not to share. Happy Valentine's Day one and all.


I told the kids to create their own cards using this program on the iPad. Give them their picture to decorate and they go wild. This is what they produced:

Queen Gretchen


And hot dog Gretchen:


Sith lord Becket:



Amber said...

Beyond impressed!! Maybe next time you guys are over Mat could teach me how to do girl hair! Super cute!

Kelli said...

Mat, the man of many talents!

shelob said...

Good job, Mat! I don't think I could do girl hair.