The Stream

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Low Poly Jesus

New Painting inspired by the quilt festival in Oregon.  I liked this low poly horse I saw in Oregon over the summer so I wanted to find a way to incorporate it into our somewhat modern/eclectic home.  I also didn't have any pictures of Jesus in the home so I kept saying "We need some Jesus," to my beloved Mat  I thought, why not put the two together. Problem: Mat and I couldn't figure out on a picture we both liked.  We found this one and I loved it!  Mat must have worked for 10hrs straight making triangles and then connecting them and then coloring them in.  This masterpiece was shipped to us a few days ago it's up for purchase on Society 6 if you want one for your very own.....

It's magical under our colored lights.

Love me some Jesus!


Sandy White said...

This looks amazing! And I love the colored lights too. You need to come out and decorate my house in your spare time. :)

jweed said...

love me some Jesus, too! very, very cool.