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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Happy Birthday Mat

You say it's your birthday! You're going to have a good time....driving to St. George

Mat unfortunately is on his way to St. George for his birthday, but fortunately we celebrated him with this brand new weight set!!!!!!! AND THE CROWD GOES WILD!!!!

While Becket and Mat were at a maturation clinic, the girls and I snuck downstairs to the lab to put it together.

We are laughing because of our lack of strength.  To our defense, the metal was a tad bent and not even Mat could get it in.

Women are only so strong and we couldn't get it tight enough, so when Mat got home I apologized and handed him the wrench.

Happy Birthday!

I sure couldn't make it through life without you, especially when it comes to computers, repairs, reaching high things, and someone to bounce ideas off of.

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