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Thursday, December 4, 2014

Pie Night aka Have-A-Soup-Pie

Have-A-Soup-Pie takes place on the eve before Thanksgiving.  We eat soup and sample on pie the rest of the evening.  My friend, Amber sent me THEE best brie dip.  That was all I ate,  I skipped the pie and the soup and went straight for the brie.


Neighbors and family arrived to share in this joyous event.  Butts were bumping into one another and the floor was speckled with crumb confetti and I LOVED IT.

We played egg roulette (as seen on Jimmy fallon).  Note to self, use brown eggs because you can tell the porous ones from the non porous.


We retired into the living room for a blue couch hug. It was so nice to have such great company.Jocelyn and Grambo had a measure.  I'll let you be the judge.  The nieces and nephews get real excited when they pass up Aunt Joc.

Oh. And happy birthday to bro in law Matt


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