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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Post Christmas Gift Cards

Oh boy!  A few little purchases with some Christmas money and gift cards.

Becket: Anything Hero Factory--He would like to conquer them all. He can put one together as fast as you can say Jackie Robinson. So fast, that he won't even take off his jacket when he's home from school.  Must. Put. Together. Now.

Gretchen: Wiggle room for this car. She's always wanted one and now she can't even walk to the fridge anymore.  She has to use her car.

This is the current garage she parks it in.

Sometimes I jump on for a ride to the laundry room.

Micah: Lots of equestrian girls. They look funky to me, but she quietly brushes her doll (if you would call it that) while she sings the theme song.

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