The Stream

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Harris Happenings

Things we've been doing to keep ourselves this long, not so cold January.

Need your kids to stay busy an hour, buy some of this stuff -it's like play doh but doesn't roam.

There is also this new app called Yakit that also entertained my kids one whole Sunday morning.

I've really have just loved spending time with my kids.  We play a board game almost every night. Lately it has been chess or Settlers. We always make sure we're wearing our Sunday best when playing chess.

It has really been entertaining. Sure! There has been a lot of stuff I should be doing, but I feel like my kids are growing up on me before my eyeballs and I don't mind taking a moment to stretch this age out before they move on. They seem to notice me spending the extra time with them too. So, much that they want to sleep in my room while Mat is out of town.  I do have to draw the line somewhere (and I usually do), but I was feeling lonely, and I welcomed the company.

Lastly, walking the parents. Have you seen it? The kids would secretly clip these lanyards on us and walk us while we weren't looking. Just silly!  They thought they were so tricky, and sometimes they were.


The Singer Family said...

I like the Harris updates!! We've been playing quite a lot of games these days too. It's been fun.

jweed said...

hey, i can't see any of the photos. . .anything i should do?