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Friday, January 17, 2014

Haiti Pictures

 Brothers working together to achieve more.   Tom's an anesthesiologist in Colorado Springs. He joined Mat this time on his trip to Haiti.  These brothers mesh well together not only with interests and hobbies, but work ethic too. They have a planted esp in their brains. Example, they started to grow out their beards at the same time without either one knowing about the other.  I believe it was a Thursday they said goodbye to their razors knowing they'd be spending a week in Haiti.  They got called twins many times and even wore their same GoLite outfits daily. Tom was able to turn over the surgery room in 20 minutes instead of what normally takes the OR in Haiti 90min. Increasing their volume of surgery!

Tom in action!
#1 huge mucus cyst in her sinus

#2 shingles on her scalp and eyelid

#3 car accident
#4 fatty tumors in the eye sockets

#1 Tumor surgery on right

#2 tumor surgery on right

   #1 baby born with no eye
#2 cut eye

#3 and #4 tearing

Tumor found behind her eye the size of an egg

Rare skin disorder 

Baby before the removal of abscess. This baby is 1 mth old and was the cutest and youngest baby Mat had ever seen.

Mat just wanted to hold this little guy to comfort him a bit after all of his trauma.   It took 4 people to pin his limbs down, 20 min to drain the cyst, and 30 seconds to calm him down.

I asked if he could bring this baby home, but he already had good parents taking care of him. 

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Kelli said...

So amazing. Wow. They do so much good there. And how awesome that they can go and work together!