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Friday, December 20, 2013

Say Nicer Words!

Micah has always been one to always give me sweet little notes and tape them to my wall by my nightstand at night. It makes me smile and her notes are all about, "I love you mom." "Want to play with me tomorrow?" or "You are the best!" and it is always signed "love, Micah" Brings a smile doesn't it?

Well, apparently I ticked her off when I told her to go to bed for the 3rd time THIS PARTICULAR NIGHT and she wasn't happy. She actually startled me the way she came from behind sneaking up on me in the kitchen, which made it even worse.  Disclaimer: At night, parents sometimes want to watch their British shows. The Brits get away with a lot more on TV than Americans do. I don't know what they're going to throw out there and so I get a little mad when the kids come down because I can't screen them from it, especially if I've told them several time to rest their weary eyeballs. Anyway, she went upstairs crying because she couldn't get an elastic for Ears hair (her stuffed dog) and wrote me this little note.

Let this serve as a reminder to us all to use nicer words.

Yes, I did make her cry tears. Did I feel like crying when I first read it? Uh, yeah. But she can be a tad dramatic and persuasive for a first grader---AND should she have been in bed? Yes. And now this note is funny and will serve as a reminder to use nicer words! Thank you for your teachable moment Love, Nicer Words, Micah. Let us all use nicer words. Looks like you got an elasti for Ears ears after all.

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jweed said...

i love your kids. so full of personality. how do you do it?! after seeing the dog, i can understand the importance of an elastic for the ears!