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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Christmas Mix 2013

It's been our tradition since we were Napster lovin', bandwidth hoggin' bootleggers at SUU to compile the best (IOHO) new and alternative Christmas songs. We used to spend days burning them to CD's, making sleeves and mailing them out, at great expense. Well, since we don't own a CD player anymore, except in our cars (which we have yet to use) we will henceforth distribute said playlist by digital download. It can be downloaded by right clicking on this link and choosing "Save Link As" or however that works on your particular computer. It is a .zip file with 23 tracks in some particular order.  We hope you enjoy it.

PS- If you missed last year's mix, it can be downloaded here. The songs are nearly as fresh and always satisfying.


Amber said...

Rockin' out cleaning the kitchen!! Thanks! Your family pic is beautiful!! Well worth the wait ;).

Family Travellers said...

I can't stop staring at the stuffing. Thanks for the download, it will give us something new to listen to this Christmas. Merry Christmas! BTW, don't be waiting on a card from the Chandlers, you know Katie isn't good at that kind of thing.