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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Bunny...hoppity hop

Before the other Harris clan left home for Colorado, we made the trip complete by taking a girl's shopping extravaganza together--a pastime that always seems to spiral out of control when I'm with the sister in laws. (See past posts on Black Friday)

However!  I did find a lot of good quality stuff for Mat and I--stuff we use often like biking gear, workout gear, headphones, energy bars---all half off.


We also passed the dreaded bunny back and forth all weekend, sometimes getting caught (ahem...Jocelyn) in picking out our placement.  This passing back and forth has gone on for 4ys now. It started shortly after Jocelyn encountered an after Easter sale while we were both living in Ohio and WV.  The bunny, originally meant for my kids, became toxically annoying as it repeated, "Happy Easter, Doing! Doing!" over the weekend we spent with their family in Ohio. Before we left for home, I ended up placing it under Jocelyn's pillow as a parting gift. I chuckled all the way home. Ever since, the bunny will show up in the strangest places and you anticipate its arrival whenever we encounter the presence of the opposing Harris team.

The morning they left, I strapped the bunny to Tom's bike seat in the wee hours of the morning.  I thought that would be a nice place for the bunny to ride all the way home to CO, however, they felt the bunny would be happier at my place (my driveway).

Wascally Wabit!


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