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Monday, September 16, 2013

Baptism for Greti

Since the entire family was up for Bob's Birthday Bash,  we decided to hold Gretchen's baptism at the same time.  We had it Sunday, September 1st at our local church building and later we went to the park for dinner.

Grandma Rexine came for the special event...we also needed her desperately on the piano :-) Good thing someone knows how to play a musical instrument.


We dashed down to Music and Spoken word to listen to the Mormon Tabernacle broadcast taking place at the conference center. My mom had never done that before and I'm glad we did. Dirty Detail: They had a technical issue and had to re record one teeny tiny verse over again from one of their songs.  Literally, one verse.  They would take that line and splice it into their final cut.  Nobody would have really noticed, but if it's going to be done it's going to be done right I suppose.

Mo tab

I didn't take any baptism photos prior, darn! However, Gretchen rocked her baptism.  After she came out of the water and changed into her pretty white dress, she threw on her feather boa with pizazz and proceeded with class and confidence where everyone was waiting for her.  When she entered the room, there was a gasp followed by some smiling chuckles. Her smile turned downward and she asked, "Why are people laughing?"  I whispered to her, "Because no one else can throw on feather boa and rock their baptism, except you.  You look beautiful Gretchen." And, she did. After that, she strutted back her shoulders and beamed. I asked her what she liked most about her baptism and she said it was wearing her pretty white dress and having all of the people she loved in one room. I concur.

Conducting: Tim Swift, 2nd Counselor in the Bishopric

Chorister:  Andrea Augenstein, (grandmother)
Pianist: Rexine Bullock, (grandmother)  

Opening Song: Baptism pg. 100
Opening Prayer: Paul, (uncle)

Baptism Talk: Matthew Kjar, (uncle)

Musical Number: When I am baptized, Brighton, Amber, 
Montana, Kirsten, (cousins)

Baptism of Gretchen Harris

Baptized by: Matheson Harris, (father)
Witnesses:   Bob Augenstein, (grandfather)
                    Casey Bullock, (uncle)

Confirmation portion

Talk on the Holy Ghost:  Dannielle Larkin, (aunt)
Confirmed by:  Matheson Harris, (father)
Closing song:   The Holy Ghost, pg. 105
Closing prayer:  Ruby Harris, (cousin)

Thank you for coming! It means a lot to our family.
Please join us dinner at the Golden Hills Park

At the park we had sandwiches, doritos (her favorite) and a map cake.  She loves maps and I have a feeling she will travel the world sharing her love for God and our Savior. Oh the places she'll go!




After a long weekend, we chilled at the house and maybe squeezed in one more sleepover with the cousins before Tom and Joc had to leave.


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julie g said...

oh where is a photo of the boa?! i love that gretchen for her unflinching will to be herself. wish we could have been there! congratulations! p.s. good job, mic, for reassuring her that she was beautiful. perfect words.