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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Stumbling upon a fun Cookie Shop

We picked up Mat from the airport last Friday night. He was feeling okay.  His guts were a little off, but we're hopeful that he will bypass a parasite and be alright in a few days.

Saturday we puttered around town ...birthday party, house samples for the remodel, and we stumbled upon this cute cookie shop. Ruby something on 800 S 300W.  It was pricey, but an experience and fun family outing.


Gretchen read these funny cards which made them sound twice as funny because they were coming from a 7yr old.


My favorite cookies were the mole, mocha and mango chip. I think this is Becket's face after trying the bacon chocolate chip cookie.


He quickly washed it down with Brigham's Brew


Honestly it was just fun being together as a family.  We missed Mat a ton and it was fun to be back in the swing of things, laughing and playing around the town.


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shelob said...

You need to take me to this place next time I'm in town!