The Stream

Sunday, August 31, 2008


Greti eating broccoli and claiming it is chuking her (part choking + part puking = chuking).

I Heart

I Heart
Preparing dinner early, so by dinnertime you don't have to cook
Co-op (family land in Parowan)
Laughing so hard that you actually feel like you're getting an ab workout
Changing out of church clothes
The smell of sagebrush after it has been rained on

Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Next Fred Astaire

This is Becket showing his dance moves at Jumpin Jacks, a bounce house in St. George, UT.
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I don't know how to rotate the video without my technological husband.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Happy Birthday, My Dearest and Most Loved 2nd Child!

A few adjectives we would like to use to describe you: Giggly, Giddy, Determined, Driven, Cuddly, Fun, Tom-boyish Witty, Enduring, Democratic, Giving, Silly, Thoughtful, Careful, Contagious, Quick, Aware, Smart, and Humorous. Love, Mom and Dad

Sunday, August 24, 2008

I Heart

I Heart

Cutting jellied cranberry sauce
Card games on a Sunday night

Kids sneaking the frosting off of their birthday cake
Old people and their loud talking
Dreaming baby faces

Friday, August 22, 2008

B-Man with a side of crayons

Becket will draw a fox
He will draw it in a box
He will draw in a house
He will draw on a micro-fiber couch
He will draw here or there
He will draw anywhere
He will draw on a rug
He will draw until he's snug as a bug
He will draw on the wall
He will draw on a ball
He does like those crayons
He does, my little B-man

None of these items mentioned above had any property damage to them. He likes to draw responsibly.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Why is it?

Why is it, that when I'm dead asleep on the couch from staying up so late watching the Olympics that I am able to go to the bathroom and pick my face off for hours. After a little scrub, scrub, scrub, I like to do a little squeeze play with my zits. I feel that with my finger picking army I have conquered all of my little ant hill battles.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Bummed with a capital B! I got superglue on my thumb and index finger. This will take days to rub off, not to mention the annoyance I will have having a plastic coated thumb!

This isn't as bad as the time I got the bright idea to superglue my tooth back into my mouth after it had fallen out mid sophomore year. I had a stomach ache so bad that I didn't even stay for basketball practice.

Monday, August 18, 2008


skim·board·ing (skmbôrdng, -br-)
The sport of riding a skimboard over shallow water on a beach and into oncoming waves close to shore. The board is usually tossed ahead and jumped on after a running approach.

My definition: The blast of gliding a piece of buttered fiberglass in the Virgin River challenging you to the extreme! Hopefully, I'll be able to someday perform some tricks of great technical skills like grinding the rails, the wrap barrel and the 180's.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

I Heart

Peanut butter M&Ms
Squishing PB M&M's between my index finger and my thumb
My kids going to bed before 8PM
Olympian's bods
Comfy pants
Micah falling asleep on me
Chinese men laughing

X the kids in bed by 8PM, Micah is now sitting on my lap, but maybe she'll fall asleep on me and then I'll heart her again.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

How sick is that!

So, the other day I was puking my insides out in my Mom-in-laws bathroom. The 24hr bug bit me. Hate being so tasty! After I was through with the dirty deed, I glanced at the scale sitting on the floor. GUILTY! My head says, " Why not, I'm at my all time low? Even if it is just fluids, I don't care, it's still lower numbers. " I get on the scale and say "Whoo Waa!"
Now that I'm feeling better, I haven't been on the scale since. Pretty sick.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


In his own words....."I want to tell you, when you go to the dentist you get to play with toys. You get to also watch TV, which you can't hear unless you put these little things in your ears so you can listen to the show." Do you like the dentist? Becket: "Uh Yeeaah!"

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Oh! Limpics

Let's the games begin! I absolutely love the Olympics! I love to watch the competitors fight for their countries and honor with such heart. How about that swimming relay race with Amur-ica and France-wa? Could Phelps be any more passionate about the sport? He left no feelings guarded.

But, let me get to the real point of why I like the Olympics. It's mostly about the Olympians. After the race, I like to compare who stands out more from which country and why. Some have better hair, better face structure, better personalities, better tatts. I'm starting to consider myself a judge in this event. Don't say I'm shallow, you do it too.

I also like to study their physiques. These Olympians are in the prime of their fit life and the definition in their toned bodies makes my jaw drop. For example, the women gymnasts. Their little creased glutes are to die for aren't they? They could have a wedgie and still look good. Oh! and don't get me started on swimmers backs. Those indentations are a warning for mass destruction. Also, their lung volume. Can you imagine how much air they are able to take in and not get weary?

Next, what do you think Phelps is listening to on his Ipod? Maybe a little JT? I thought about him being a rap guy myself. Maybe he'll throw me all together and warm up to classical.

Finally, I love the little side show stories of the trials that they have had to overcome to get to the Olympics. Phelp's mother was a single mom worn out by her sons endless energy and decided to enroll him into swimming. Lucky! Then there's the once Romanian gymnast who moved to Germany (age 33) after Germany had saved her sons life from the pitfalls of leukemia. Also, the girl swimmers, Manaudou and Pellegrini, who have had the same boyfriend (also a swimmer and currently with Pellegrini). Scandalous!

Monday, August 4, 2008


A Few Free Samples of My Thoughts (in outline form)

1) What has supa fab trees in the Fall, has lots-o-coal, a few missing teeth, and sponsors the song from the movie Deliverance as their state theme song? ba, ba, ba, West Virginie! Why all the hypertext about this mountain motha's of all states you ask? Well that is where me and my honey bumpkin and other kin will be sharing a life of two years this coming July. Mat indeed earned a fellowship in Ocular Plastics and will be doing his training in Morgantown, WV. All stereotypes set aside, we are very excited that we get to bypass the process of reapplying next year and that we can just glide over the last peak of our monstrous 14yr career starter. It was a hard one to get, so well done my good lad! I could just pinch your cheekers, that is, if you were here.

2) Becket is now onto the next costume of his life. He is no longer the orange-staple-eared, masking-tape-ring tailed coati of the Amazon, but..... it's a bird..... it's a plane..... nope....... it's B-Man. And yes, that is what he responds to these days with his mysterious hidden masked eyes. Thank you Uncle Brian and Cassandra for providing him with a wonderful new way of not being himself. In his own words, "You mean I just have to be myself. I don't want to be Becket!" Well excuse me for not giving birth to a more heroic flying figure. He now escapes death with his flashy red creased cape (no point in ironing it), a lightning bolted mask and paper clipped wrist cuffs. This armor is more professional looking than his last phased-out outfit. I give the bro and wifey full credit on the spiffy new appearance. He looks awesome. May he fight sibling unfairness, prevent tantrums from turning off the the TV, and clean up spilled milk where ever it leaks in our little city we call Grossam.
*Coati costume died due to his gloves getting a worn out hole on his middle right finger. Parents are prime suspects for having OD'd with nausea of the costume and putting off fixing it until he would forget it.

3) 3 weddings and funeral: Cousin Tacy, married August 1st, Brother Casey married August 2nd, Cousin Garret to be married August 9th. As for the funeral, we will be putting to rest my aching cabeza for compiling all of the whereabouts and where-to-bes, and what-to-wears over this last week (it really wasn't that bad). Side note-Casey and Tiff were breathtaking and will be a great couple.

4) 8-8-08 marks not only the opening day of the Olympics, held in our honor, but our 10year happily ever after wedding anniversary. "Will you Michaela 'Micki' Harris take me, Matheson Adams Harris as your hot husband for time and all eternity?"Response- "HECK YES I WILL!"
For our anniversary, Mat and I took a little bread crumb trail to the lodge at Snowbird with no kids. Call us crazy, but we have never been on an overnighter without our kids. This was a first and boy was it blessed like the sun's rays. Mat surprised me, only confiding in his ma and pa to set up the details. Hiking, dinner, tram rides, laughing, moose spotting etc. We had a lovely time acting differently, as if we were dating again. You could refer to us as Bella and Edward.
My only afterthought is this: when you take holidays, don't you find yourself wanting more? I have a hard time adjusting back to the life I once led--- wiping bums and wearing dirty smudged clothes. I propose I plan another holiday within the next 6months. Who will watch my kids? (there not so dirty and I'll buy you Doritos)

5) I have a tooth cracker appointment in the morning. I'm so thrilled! I can't wait to see what damage I have inflicted upon my teeth and bank account this time. To the Toothfairy: if you're reading my blog, will you do me a fav and do my dental work for me during the night? I sleep deep. No one has to know and this time I will tip you! I promise. Goodnight.