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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Our workout room called....

Our workout room called and said it was ready to be a workout room again.  We mustard up enough strength to put it back together and we're glad we did.


We also cleaned out the garage.  IT LOOKED LIKE A BOMB WENT OFF and everything was covered in 1/2inch thick of sawdust.  Muy mal.
By cleaning out the garage, we were able to move our camping gear down so that it was a little more accessible. It was handy to pull it right off the shelf and not forget everything.  The only problem is that it's no longer conveniently located by our cars. I'm an American and I'm going to think about the least strain on my body.

How do you like how Micah set up her little workout station on the stool? It's so funny when she says she's going to go exercise.  I think she does a whole two bicep curls and then asks for the iPad.


The basement got a couch.  After using it as our family room during the remodel, we felt it deserved more.  It definitely gets used more and it's not just a wasted room to heat.


I had to laugh at Gretchen for sitting in the blankets basket when you have an entire sectional to sit on. Oh vey!


We also debated between a profector or a big TV.  We opted for the big TV because with a projector we'd have to cover our windows downstairs if we wanted to watch something during the day.  A TV let's you watch it anytime.  I felt kind of embarrassed when I bought the big 80" from Costco. Three Costco ladies asked me if I had an upgraded membership.  For the third time YES!!! Believe me Costco ladies and gents, I have spent loads more on groceries than I will on this TV.


Now we veg and it is so nice.  We haven't touched a project since. We're tired.

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jweed said...

wow! our guest room turned into a tv room? guess it's time for another visit.