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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Greti gets pierced

Soccer is over and Gretchen stated that it was time she got her ears pierced. She was a mature woman now and she thought she could take on another responsibility.  I told her if we did this, she would have to be tough.  She couldn't scream the shops windows out like Becket and me predicted she would do. She lifted her eyebrows to show her elegance and composure and simply said, "I won't." And, she didn't.  Punch! Punch! Done!  She strolled around the store looking for a pair of earrings that would suit her.  I had to grin.  She was just like me at my age.  I wanted the super long, wide,  dazzling earrings. I remember one pair I owned ran down my neck and touched my collar bone. She caressed everyone of them, feathers, hoops, loop-dee-loos. Surprisingly, she went conservative and chose pretty flower studs that I may have to borrow.

Congratulations on your womanhood Gretchen. I'm glad you didn't complain and you will wear your earrings with such confidence and pizazz.

Gretchen's ear piercing

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jweed said...

you look lovely with your new fanciness, gretchen! way to be brave.