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Monday, November 4, 2013

10 Digit Midget!

Scary to think we've been parents for a whole decade now.  Even scarier to think that Becket will be with us just 8 or so more years.  Sad.

Becket is a good kid.  He wants to do the right thing. His moral desire gets the best of him somedays. He solves many of the world's problems over and over in his head throughout the day.  These thoughts tumble around all day long like clothes spinning in a dryer. Lately, he's been stuck on why kids swear or make bad choices to be popular, over consumption of meat,  electric cars, trees being cut down in the Amazon, Boston bombers, snake haters and why magpies have to eat the robin's eggs.  Sometimes that is a lot of stress for one kid to take on, but he's always been a thinker. Maybe an over thinker. Yes indeed.  Don't ask him about how we left him stranded at my cousins baby blessing yesterday.  You'll be opening a 1/2hr conversation on the fear you have not knowing where your family was, why your parents didn't notice you were still in the church parking lot, and possibly how you may never trust your parents again to take care of you.

He's always been happy.  I like that about him most of all.  He goes with the flow and lives in the moment. He was an easy baby to chill with, sometimes so easy that I had to invent some new hobbies for myself because he just hung out and did his thing. He's content drawing for hours or thinking for hours. He's simple and complicated at the same time. He's got dimension.

We decided that being 10 lets him graduate to a big bed.  He's had the same bedding and bed since his younger sister came along.  We thought we'd fix it up a little and prep his room for his teenage years.  He was very gracious and loved designing the video game stickers and his clock.  His room gives him lots of room to display his art.

Becket birthday

Becket's birthday

In the corner photo, you can see that he chose Pizza Pie Cafe for his birthday dinner. Grandma and Grandpa were able to join us too. Always a treat. Especially, the monster cookie.

We love you Becket very much and we're so glad you came to us.


Another hidden talent, this 10yr old stack things! You should watch him with apples.


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