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Friday, May 10, 2013

Ready for Take Off

This would be my first flight across any ocean.  I was rather excited to get a stamp on my passport and experience another country.

We flew out of Vegas, shortly after attending our nephews baptism. Woot! Woot! Daniel Son. The plan was to take the shuttle down fro St. George to Las Vegas and then see if we could tip our driver a little extra money to take us to our  hotel 2mi away.  He was a stickler with drop off rules, so we had to hail a taxi.  As luck would have it, one of the major Vegas taxi companies were on strike, so the line was atrocious. An hour to get to a taxi leaving us 4hrs of sleep before we had to fly out.


Finally making it to our hotel


Security line at the LAS airport.  A man decided to leave his baggage left unattended while we were making our switch backs through the cordons. He happened to look middle eastern too, which didn't settle well with most Americans (considering we just went through the Boston bombings). One American from Indiana hollered , "Security! Call security!"


My first airplane meal and it was surprisingly good, but maybe that was just because it was served with a German accent.  Things taste better with accents.


Funny story.The family doctor advised us to take a sleeping pill prior to our 18hr long flight, because a small percentage of people will do strange things; like try to drive a car or completely strip down on a plane and pretend to put on their jammies. Not good. I did none of those when I experimented last night, but the doctor did say take one just before bed and you'll be asleep in 20-30 min.  Uh, no. It took me an hr to fall asleep and I am feeling so groggy today--like I haven't had a wink of sleep. I may be in trouble. I might just do completely without the meds. However, I like the idea of not being so restless on the plane and waking up ready to go. I was later advised by Aunt Ava to just take a half.  Will do.

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