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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

F your F (Face your Fear)

Mat finished drawing Mr. Abe on the chalk board and hung it on a previous nail hole in our front room.  Of course I loved the touch, Micah however thought Mr. Lincoln was a tad creepy. A week went by....

Micah: "Why is that man always staring at me? I don't like it!"And then she would run and hide or peer around the dining room wall just to check on him.

Pish! Posh! That's what I usually say in the hopes that she'll forget about it and move on.

One day, she decides to take Abe head on and cuts arm holes out of a Costco box.  Mind you, she does this with a butter knife until I stepped in to help with a real knife, still not knowing her plan.  After she told me, I was surprised he creeped her out so bad, but she was satisfied with her  cardboard protection.  This was the last time she would have to look that dark shadowy man in the face.

IMG_2934 I dare not tell her that Abe can be erased.


shelob said...

You drew that portrait in CHALK?!? You're amazing!

Emily S. said...

This whole recent discovery for me that Mat is this incredible artist is wigging me out!!! I mean - I always knew that you both are extremely creative and cool - but it just keeps getting better and better! That is amazing! Can we commission stuff?