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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Summer Routine

I told my kids that if they worked hard and got their summer routine finished in the morning they could do what ever the heck they wanted for the rest of the day.  I also promised some fun things and prizes too. I'm afraid their summer routine is no summer picnic.

1- Make your bed

2- Get dressed

3- You may eat breakfast, but only if #1 and #2 are completed

4-20 min rotations


I kinda felt like the most unpleasant mom and thought I was being a tad hard on my kids.  Sometimes our routine takes us until noon. However, Mat did find a study that said that parents that were harder on their kids ---their kids turned out better and were hard workers.  I'm hoping that's the case.

I decided after talking to my friend Mel that I would make a fun job cup too. She remembered her mom giving them a job-job and a fun job.  They look forward to jobs now (well, a little)

Wish these kids luck!


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shelob said...

I like that the "not so fun" cup is smaller-- smart move.