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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Happy Birthday Miss Micah Moo!

Happy Birthday my little one.  She is now 5 and officially ready to start Kindergarten.  She still has a little speech impediment that I hope she never gets rid of. " This is my blutter Becket.  I am a Pletty Plincess."  I love it. I love her.

She had the chance to finally go to Cowabunga Bay, a small water park off of the Draper exit.  We pass it every time we go to St. George.  She would often cry out from the back seat, "I want to go there.  It looks so fun, Grwetchen, doesn't it look fun?!"  I did not get any pictures because I did not want to worry about my phone getting wet. wish I would have.

We then left for St. George and finished celebrating the party down south.

Micah, like most 5 year olds, have a very simple way of celebrating their birthdays.  They want cupcakes-- which they want to help make....


.....  a card, and people to sing to them.  They also don't mind a few gifts too. So, that's what we did and threw in a little swimming and the Pirate movie to boot.


(I'll insert more pictures here when I pull them off the camera)

A couple of stories about Micah's character:

One day, I was sitting on the couch and out of the blue she comes up to me and says: "Mom, I never want to get married.  I want to live with you forever. Don't make me marry a boy" I actually wouldn't mind you sticking around a little longer either, but I have a feeling your cuteness is going to woo some boys heart.

Also a couple weeks ago in church, Gretchen started coughing pretty good during our sacrament time.  If I took her out, I was going to miss having the water portion for our sacrament. But, she couldn't stop so we quietly bolted for the door.  Micah who stayed took her water and then grabbed two extras and sat quietly holding them to her chest, being careful not to spill.  When Gretchen and I returned, she kindly whispered: "Here Mom, I saved these for you and Gretchen." I asked Mat if he told her to do that and he said he thought I had told her to do that.  Neither of us knowing, she just did it herself. Brings a little teariness to my eyes.

Happy Birthday Mikey girl! We love you.



McArthur Family said...

What a sweet girl you have!

Also, how fun to get together with the Weeds!

We (well, the boys and I...doug has to work) are coming to Utah on the 17th. We'd love to see you guys that week or the next if you're around. I'll see if I could borrow a car and come to SLC unless you'll be around Lehi-Cedar Hills could come swimming at my Mom's pool. Do you still have my phone number?

Rachel said...

Happy Birthday Micah! She seems like such a sweetie. I love the pic of her savoring the pink pancake batter!

Becky and Jimmy said...

Happy Birthday Micah! What a touching sacrament story!! She is so sweet.

shelob said...

Awww, I miss little Miss Micah!