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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Labrums and Farewells

We met up with some old friends that we knew WAAAAAAAY back in college. I'm talking ancient years ago. They live just south of Brigham City, UT. Not a good picture, maybe because I have dropped my phone a time or two?
Moped rides for MaKayla and Micah. Squeals and Thrills!
Ryker was not happy about sharing his helmet, nor his sister, nor his moped:) photo
Their pet bird Twinki got showered with annoying attention. Jenie said if you're going to have a pet, a bird is the one to get. You can leave it, it doesn't stink, you can potty train it---eh, I dunno.
Good times
It was also my cousin's farewell, so we got to be there for that! This mother (my aunt) has done a wonderful job raising her boys. I'm sure he'll do well in Mexico.
FYI The Brigham City Temple open house will be from August 18th- September something. It's looking pretty peachy (peach trees planted all around).
Brigham City Temple

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