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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Finally, A Harris Road Trip

Ever since moving back, the thing I miss most is going on road trips with the five of us. There is nothing like cracking up in the car with the kids or at the kids and seeing something new.
Because Utah is so wide and spacious our little getaways will have to be a little more creative, otherwise we will need to travel over ten hours to get somewhere.
We headed to Logan/Bear Lake to relive some memories of the past. On the way, we stopped to check out some wood to build us a fine coffee table. Unfortunately the black walnut slab was a big chunk of change--here's Mat thinking about it--but no deal.
Since we couldn't afford the wood, we could afford the ice cream (except for me, my hips CAN NOT afford the ice cream right now, so I passed). We also found yummo milk flavors, rootbeer, mango, banana, and of course chocolate.
We took our food on the road and head to play at the beach at Bear Lake
We also joined Juandito Bandito at the Pickleville Play house.
hmm, tried to insert a picture of him, but the iPad is not cooperating! Google him.
The next morning we did some climbing and the headed home. Happy. Convenience climbing at its best
Logan Canyon from the top of Kentucky Fried Penguin 5.9+


Amber said...

Beautiful pictures! Although the climbing pic gives me butterflies. Just you wait, when we go climbing you will laugh at me!!

shelob said...

I just showed the rock climbing picture you took of me in class a week ago. My students thought I was up high until I told them the real story.

Caroline said...

So sad we missed you, next time we'll be here. Didn't you love the beach at Bear Lake? So soft and sandy??