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Friday, July 3, 2015

La Caille and The Send Off

Eileen's birthday was June 17th so we decided to treat this wonderful lady to dinner to La Caille... a day early


My kids were trying to be so well mannered and proper, but when Gretchen had a mouth full of water, she launched that mouthful of water all over me when she almost spilled her glass on the table.  It was pretty funny because she was trying SO HARD to be a fancy lady.


We all lost our manners after that.

Beautiful food!

Beautiful astmosphere

We made one last stop to Trader's Joes


Eileen showing the cashier proof she found all five stuffed animals and she deserves a sucker! He replied, "ma'am, technically we're not supposed to take picture in here..."

And, then we sent them off

Becket will be taller than MJ next time we see her.  That's my guess.

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