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Sunday, May 10, 2015

San Fran Trip with the Sisters

Arriving with our driver Gregory Untitled
 We ate a lot of Tea Leaf Salad (Burmese) Untitled Lots of walking! 8-10 miles every day---I guess we wanted more so we would exercise in the morning too. Untitled Walking big hills Untitled Untitled Walking Lombard
 Walking by Danny Taylor's house (full house) Untitled Walking Golden Gate Bridge

 Walking Dead Sometimes
 Walking for ice cream Untitled Walking for bakeries
 Walking for Chocolate
 Walking to a church service Untitled Walking through conservatories Untitled
 And resting.... Untitled Joyce bought cauliflower at the farmers market? Untitled
 Church service Pianist played stairway to heaven Untitled Untitled Naked men in Haight Ashbury district Untitled
 I really  looked forward to our pit stops Untitled Untitled Untitled
 Joyce's randomness
 Turban Twist for curly hair dry method demo Untitled Untitled Mary's awesome house and location Untitled The spread when we got back to our house Untitled
 Our feet hurt so bad that we did take a minute to get them rubbed Untitled And sometimes my pack mule came through for me Untitled
The end


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