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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Cousin's Shower

Had a little shower for my cousin Tacy's first baby to arrive in a week or two.

First off, we had to clean the dreaded basement.  It was so bad that there was no where to walk. The kids had set up this huge Tiny Town (not so tiny) where they had their own stores (arcade, restaurant, grocery store, pet store), currency (game of life money), and a whole lot of negotiating and business deals taking place. Knowing my strong urge and tendencies to have the house clean, I told myself this was great imaginative play and I loved the conversation.  I would take deep breaths as I walked by and sometimes I'd need to close the door and count to ten.  It was getting so messy that the mess started coming upstairs. That's when you know it has gotten so out of control, and that an adult must step in to help the hopeless. I wish I would have taken a picture of the before, but I only got a picture of an after.  It took them 8hrs to complete.  Gretchen is good to get in there and get it done.  After a while, she gets sick of watching her brother and sister acting like they're cleaning up when they're not. She was thus excused for the rest of the day while Becket and Micah found a way to muster their strength to focus on the end goal.  At times, I could see Micah laying on the floor through the outside window, stretched out with her legs crossed.  No wonder it took 8hrs?

Basement cleanup

I did leaps in the my new clean space! And it was ready for the shower--not that any one cared if it was clean or not, but it always feels good to have things put away in their correct spots.

The mom to be-Tacy

Tacy Shower

Shower party people: Sister Steph, inlaws, Da Sistas, and missionary companions

Tacy Shower

Family -it was so nice to see them around my little island.

Tacy Shower

Good luck Tacy with your delivery!

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