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Monday, November 19, 2012

Project Runaway

The bulb chandelier has been completed!




Another one too--our secretary's neighbor was getting rid of this mid century chair, but needed to be recovered.  So, that's what we did.  We bought us a fine cow hide and got us a new comfy lounge.



Wait until you see what Mat does with the extra leather! Scream!

If that wasn't enough (sigh) he also made this light out of hubcaps and pipe.  He's unstoppable and very hard to keep up with. He makes my head spin and then I faint until someone throws water on my face.

Untitled And now he's rigging up this diddy using pallet scraps and leftover paint from our former owners. See what I'm talking about? He doesn't stop, but I love it. I cherish all of his projects. photo photo


Kelli said...

Wowza! You and Mat are about the most creative couple I know. I can't believe what an amazing job you did covering that chair! I love all the new projects. What an artist.

I used to think Becket got his creativity from you, but now I see that it comes equally from both sides.

McArthur Family said...

quite AMAZING! I just love that everywhere you turn in your house has been creatively thought out and executed. Well done!

jweed said...

mat, please stop being so creative. you are making pinterest and etsy look bad. :)

shelob said...

I think someone needs to be nominated for DesignStar. That and decorate for my house someday.