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Monday, October 15, 2012

It's Crazy. It's hair.

Hate it, but know the kids love their crazy hair days.

I've been worried all day that Becket was making himself a target to get teased all day long for wearing long hair.  I hope he handled it well.  Sometimes he can go sensey on us and that pure joy turns into tears.  He was enjoying it at the bus stop, so I'm sure it was fine. He even wanted to put bows in it. Gretchen wanted to wear a cup on her head that said "Drink Me." Random. Gretchen.


Micah and her Buddy Brooke at the later Kindergarten Hour:



shelob said...

Well it IS crazy hair day; why wouldn't you wear a cup on your head?

Micah's rockin' the pink wig.

Rachel Oswald said...

Your kids are the best. Becket's is my fave :)